Here is a collection of this weeks some of the best blogs found on the internet about sustainability, green living, green issues, and current global issues.

blog1Can a social action campaign help us finally ‘Recycle Right’? : TreeHugger

As most of us have recently been hearing across the media spectrum, recycling today is in trouble. Recyclers can’t secure the margins that make recycling profitable, recovery rates are stagnant, and waste management companies are looking at the future of the U.S.’s recycling infrastructure with a skeptical eye. What can we do, as social entrepreneurs and conscious consumers, to get back on track? (Read More. )

blog3Two years after Rana Plaza, have conditions approved in Bangladesh’s factories? | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

The Rana Plaza collapse brought the world’s attention to worker safety issues and the human costs of cheap, fast fashion, resulting in some reforms to Bangladesh’s garment industry – but more work remains…(Read More. )

blog4TourDeFork’s 3D-Printed Rings Turn Food Into Fashion | Ecouterre

With TourDeFork’s three-dimensionally printed rings, you can have your cake and wear it, too. Designed for the December 2014 issue of Italy’s Casafacile, where plans for fabrication were available to download for free, the ring settings offer a brief respite for treats that are—almost—too delectable to eat. Done playing with your food? Eat and enjoy, TourDeFork suggests, “without waste.” Buon appetito! (Read More. )

blog 4How I Stopped Believing I Was Separate From The Universe | Sustainable Human

Growing up, these were the stories I was told about who I was and how the world worked. But what I’ve found is that not only is this story founded on a lie but it is actually at the root of the many crises we face from war to poverty to racism to ecocide. (Read More. )

blog5Evolution The Evolution of humans documentary 2014 – YouTube

Evolution The Evolution of Shape HD documentary. Evolution is the change in the inherited characteristics of biological populations over successive generations. Evolutionary processes give rise to diversity at every level of biological organization, including species, individual organisms and molecules such as DNA and proteins. (Read More. )

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