This week was my first on the ranch. I had no idea what to expect but I was definitely not

prepared for the physical exertion. I had a tour of the place & was shown where everything was,

most of which I forgot. Then I helped Sara with her chicken chores. It was wild to see so many

chickens free ranging, especially because later that night I watched a Last Week Tonight

episode about the poultry industry. I was disgusted by it but also thankful that there are other

ways of doing it, like Sara does, and have happy chickens. It was Friday, so we had a group lunch

where I got to meet everybody & we ate alpaca meat that they had slaughtered. For the rest of

the day I helped Ben process watercress that they had harvested. It was about dark by the

time I left and I was absolutely exhausted.


The next day Ben brought six trays of tomatoes from the CSU student sustainable farm that had

an aphid infestation. We set up a Dr. Bronner’s solution & leaf by leaf we scraped off the aphids

and dipped the plants in the solution. Even with five of us working, it took us hours.

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