Here is a collection of this weeks some of the best blogs found on the internet about sustainability, green living, green issues, and current global issues.


blog 1The 5 Best Apple Watch Apps So Far | DailyTekk

Well that didn’t take long: there are already over 3,500 Apple Watch apps available. Considering the device has only been on the wrists of consumers for around two months at the most at this point, that’s pretty impressive. Of course Apple’s built-in apps are all stellar. I particularly love the activity app with it’s colorful, informative rings. But what are the best, most essential third party Apple Watch apps that you should consider downloading?

whirlpoolLakeA Big, Scary Whirlpool Forms In Lake Texoma

On Lake Texoma along the Texas-Oklahoma border, boaters have to be very careful or they could wind up going down the drain–literally. That’s because a giant vortex measuring eight feet across formed recently in the overflowing lake. The swirling waters got going when engineers opened the floodgates of the Denison Dam to drain the lake, which was flooded from four weeks of heavy rain.

dotkellyearthart-blog480Earth as Art – From Near (Inside a Stone) and Far (the Space Station) – The New York Times

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who is 91 days into a yearlong mission as commander of the International Space Station, has been posting strings of photographs of our remarkable planet on Twitter using the hashtags #EarthArt and #YearInSpace. Here are a few examples from earlier in June:

Avispa_marina_cropped-236x300Believe in the chocolate diet? I have a box jelly antivenom to sell you. – Science Sushi

On Wednesday, journalist John Bohannon revealed to the world how he “fooled millions into thinking chocolate helps weight loss.” In a boastful piece for i09, he details how he and German television reporter Peter Onneken performed a faulty clinical trial and used flawed statistics to make it seem like chocolate was a weight loss wonder.

novaMystery of the Milky Way Galaxy, Videos Space Documentary – YouTube

Watch an amazing space documentary from National geographic channel. Space as seen from NASA’s observatories. It goes into deep space, revealing the mystery of our universe, the creation itself.

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