My first two weeks at Mountain Sky Ranch have proved to be very informative and fun! My first day, I met everyone at the ranch and spent most of the day entering data. Jeanine and I searched through boxes of old data located in one of the storage containers to find something not too complex. Jeanine then helped me use Google Forms to enter the data in more easily. I have to admit data entry can be a bit overwhelming at first when you have to come up with the most efficient and effective format to enter the data in. Google Forms definitely helped out with that.

My second day at the ranch I worked with Ben to clean out another storage container. It was originally used for microgreens, but has been out of commission for a while and it had mold and mouse poop galore. We began scrubbing off the grime from the walls and ceiling.

The following week, Ben and I continued scrubbing and vacuuming out the storage container. It looks so much better than it used to! WE even did some electrical work! I have to admit that much of it was over my head, but I feel like I did learn a lot! I also helped Rochelle, one of the HelpXers begin cleaning some of the trays that we will use for the starters. We scrubbed with bleach and used a pressure washer to make them nice and clean for the seeds.

I am really enjoying my time so far and it is rewarding to help with the beginnings of Raisin Roots Farm. I look forward to the upcoming weeks!

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