Hello there! May has proved to be a pretty crazy month and I haven’t been able to post for a while. This month has been the rainiest I have ever witnessed in Colorado. Up at the ranch we’ve had to deal with all the excess water by digging trenches to divert the water away from the chickens and from the farm land. Sarah and I were able to use the excess water to our advantage however, by siphoning runoff in order to fill a large water container outside of the chicken coop. Before this we had to haul water up the hill using the six wheeler.rainbow-675832_1280

Drew, a fellow intern, and I have started on our capstone project as well. We are working to get an aquaponics system created by another intern back in working order. Once we have done that, we will each focus on a different aspect and create our own experiments. I have no previous experience working with aquaponics and am very excited to dive into this capstone project!

– Carly Maher

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