Here is a collection of this weeks some of the best blogs found on the internet about sustainability, green living, green issues, and current global issues.

blog highlightsFour Easy Ways to Honor Earth Month { & Yourself } | The Eco-Friendly Family

Earth Day is celebrating it’s 45th anniversary this year, and it couldn’t be more exciting! As consumers have become more savvy, Earth Day really has become ‘Earth Month‘ with a focus on encouraging people to be kind to the environment and to live consciously all year long. Below are some tips to keep sustainability in mind and honor Earth Month all year long.

“How blogLife Began” [Space Documentary] – YouTube

Documentary about: How life created on the blue marble – Planet “Earth”. Space scientists share their thoughts about how life can exist on other planets than Earth.



Blog3Deadly Texas floods could herald wet winter in parched California | US news | The Guardian

It is hard to imagine, but the flash floods and thunderstorms that took more than two dozen lives over the last week in Texas and Oklahoma, and washed away hundreds of homes, could provide good news for drought-stricken California.

blog2Urban Farming at Microsoft: Going Green for Growing Greens – Microsoft Green Blog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

We’re always interested in the role that IT is playing in shaping how resources get used in the agricultural sector—figuring out how to grow and produce food more efficiently and using fewer resources will become more and more important over the coming years.

blog 4Your comprehensive guide to making kick-ass asparagus | Grist

We’re serious about keeping farmers market produce on the menu all year long. Alexandra Stafford of Alexandra Kitchen shows us how to store, prep, and make the most of it, without wasting a scrap.

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