Here is a collection of this weeks some of the best blogs found on the internet about sustainability, green living, green issues, and current global issues.

Blog 1Should tackling climate change trump protecting nature? | Miles King | Environment | The Guardian

Miles King: Planners have given the green light for a solar farm at Rampisham Down, a SSSI in West Dorset. But stopping biodiversity loss is as important as stopping global warming

blog 2Why has nearsightedness more than doubled in 50 years? : TreeHugger

In the U.S. and Europe, myopia for kids and young adults has doubled; in China it’s up 80 percent. Scientists think they’ve found out why, and it’s probably not what you think.

blog 3How Much Of The Economy Do We Actually Need? | Sustainable Man

Odds are that you have heard these statements before. As an adult, we don’t need anyone to tell us these things. We tell ourselves. But there was a time when each of us heard these ideas for the first time. Do you remember?

blog 4Pour Soy Sauce On A Dead Cuttlefish And The Result Is Pretty Frightening

As the squid was recently killed, and its muscle cells are still working, the salt triggers chemical reactions similar to those it used to move its tentacles when it was alive, NPR journalist Robert Krulwich explains:

blog 5The Balance between Competition and Cooperation in a Workplace | DATIS Blog

Competition is instilled into our brains at a very young age. From the start, we are told to always do our best and strive to be number one. After all, you don’t win silver, you lose gold.  As we grow older, we compete in academics, sports, and eventually in jobs. This is when the problem arises; when do you stop competing and start cooperating?

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