It gives us a great pleasure to introduce to you one of our amazing virtual assistants from Bangladesh. His real name is Mamunur Rahman Kazi, but you may already know him by his nick name, Mark. He has been a virtual assistant for us for over 2 years now.

We are so bad for not yet introducing him to you….

He has written many of the amazing articles that you have been able to read over the last two years. How cool is that. We met Mark through an interview process online with the oDesk service, and we have developed a great relationship with him. He truly is part of our family and we look forward to being being able to go to Pakistan to visit him and give him a great big hug, just like we were long separated brothers. This is just the way it should be in the world. All of us embracing and working with others in every location in the world!!

me and my familyAlthough Mark was born and raised in Bangladesh, a small country in South Asia, he spent a significant part of his youth in the United States, isn’t that amazing? He received college education from Fairmont State University in West Virginia, where he studied Electronics Engineering. Later on, he earned a two years degree in Computer Studies from Aptec Computer Education Center.

Currently, Mark performs various tasks under the supervision of Dr. Wayne Dorband, which includes writing blogs, maintaining websites and managing social media platforms. Mark is one of those who learned and adapted to American culture during his stay in the United States and it shows a profound influence of American style and culture in his writing.

Mark’s passion for the environment and his quest for knowledge about the environmental industry basically drove him to work with Dr. Wayne Dorband. He is committed to spreading awareness about the current environmental issues and finding ways to improve the planet through his writing.

Hope you will get to know him a little bit more in the later years as he continues with his duties for Nourish the Planet and C.E.E.D. Reach out to him by email at and say hi to him and tell him how you like what he writes.

He really does care for the planet and he cares about you! We all do!!

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