The Green Teepee Project

My project has reached its culmination at Nourish the Planet.
I have learned a multitude.
Ending at stage two of three,
stage three for someone to take over and maintain.

I spent hours thinking and designing a lasting idea.
Mistakes were made.
And frustrations were had.
A path was worn back and forth to the drawing board.

drew 1

I could not have done this without the many hands that had helped,
each helping individual imparting his or her style and character on this design.
Open source creativity and innovation taking flight.

Building something with my own hands that
withstands high winds and the elements,
has very little environmental and economic impacts,
and is able to sustain us,
Gives me insurmountable joy.

How do I want to be remembered by the Green Teepee?
I want to be remembered as a prophet,
A prophet of a future not my own.
Putting forth the effort to give to,
And support those after me.

It is time to build your own Green Teepee.
Whatever that may be
Build something with your hands that will last,
And regenerate.

The Green Teepee is finished. Well, stage two is complete. I finally was able to make the correct measurements and cuts for the surrounding plastic canvas. Cutting and placing the plastic on the teepee itself was the most difficult and time-consuming step of the process.

Cutting a canopy for a four-poled teepee is a new concept, which made a little difficult. However, I had help from handy-man extraordinaire Timothy in coming up with a design.  By simply folding an 8 x 10  hamburger style, and then making a diagonal cut from the bottom outside corner to the apex, I found a design that will wrap plastic ¾ the way around the teepee. I then cut the last remaining piece in a triangle shape that completed the canvass. The last piece serves as the door.

I hemmed the door piece to the remaining plastic with synthetic rope on each side. I first made grommet holes into the plastic, fortified it with PVC pipe and gorilla tape to bare the load, and then hemmed the rope down from the apex to the base of the plastic. Undoing the rope from the ground up to make an opening creates the door access.

More work has to be done with the teepee greenhouse. Aesthetically it can be improved. The ventilation point at the apex can be modified. Incorporating an easier way of getting in can modify the door.  Ropes can be tied to the holes I drilled into the top plate and be suspended into the ground to support shade cloth in the summer time.

All in all, I am very proud of what I built.

– Drew Hundelt

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