greenhouse-454510_1280The structure is up and it is glorious. The dimensions, however, have changed from 16’ from pole to pole to approximately 11.6’. And the height has changed from 11’ to 13.6’. The Pyramid has evolved yet again to more of a tipi-like structure. I am pleased with how the tipi came to fruition. To find the dimensions I wanted, my friend Phil and I placed and secured an object (a gardening spade) in the center of where our object will be placed. We decided to measure from the center, with a rope, nine feet out to each four corners. We made sure that the rope was perfectly aligned with the center object.

Once we got our measurements, we placed a marker to where we will start digging to place our poles. The holes were dug at an angle. This angle allows for the poles to fit in securely without any resistance. The hole was one foot in length, measured from the ground at the top of the angle, to the deepest part of the hole. To fit more securely, you can make this hole one foot and a half, or two feet. The beauty of this design is that you can adjust the area of this structure by extending the poles, or even digging your angled holes a little deeper. The pictures I provided are of the tipi (for now) greenhouse in its exact location. This location is placed next to the creek bed. This is strategically placed due to the fertile and saturated soil, the sounding contour and elevation for water harvesting / entrapment, and access to the water from the creek itself if the soil is experiencing drought-like conditions.

So far, the skeleton of the structure is up. Stage two has begun and is about 1/3rd of the way done. For stage two to be complete, I must now secure the first layer of greenhouse plastic around the poles, and then tie tension rope two feet out to secure the second layer of greenhouse plastic. I must also keep in mind to use a fraction of this cover for an access point into the greenhouse, and also a point of ventilation at the apex. Hopefully the next blog will cover the completion of stage two, and move on to the final stage three (planting)!

Thanks for reading,
Drew Hundelt

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