Here is a collection of some of the best blogs found on the internet about sustainability, green living, green issues, and current global issues.

blog hi1An urbanist’s guide to Paris: ‘Our city has known its share of violence and tragedy’ | Cities | The Guardian

Stephane Kirkland, author of Paris Reborn, says he was heartened that Parisians reaffirmed their common values by claiming the public space of Place ..

blog 3Heart-Opening Yoga to Start your Year!

14 Minute Heart opening yoga video for green 2015 from Yoga Renegade Mara Panacci. Often referred to as a ‘little firecracker’, Mara is an International Yoga Teacher and Holistic Nutrition Expert.

blog 5Ecotourism: Travel Well with EcoWorldly – Green Living Ideas

There are many types of ecotourism, and our new site Ecoworldly wants to hear all about them! Share your green travel adventures with us and the world

green livingTips for Greener Living – Good Housekeeping

There’s always a good reason to “go green,” and what better time to start than today during the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Pollution Prevention Week

blog highlightSustainability is an easy choice — Advantage Environment

“We want to contribute to a better society and lessen our impact on people, animals and nature,” says Anita Falkenek

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