220px-CathedralofLearningLawinWinterThis past week was absolutely bone chillingly cold. I don’t mean to complain but, man! It was oppressively cold. It was the first week working with green construction extraordinaire, Timothy. We made some improvements to the winterization of the two trailers. Our goal was to keep the underside of both trailers above freezing and prevent any wind from infiltrating. With hay, sandstone, and tarp, we succeeded. A good way to keep track of the temperature underneath a trailer, if you have one and want to use it during the winter, is to keep a thermometer under your trailer. The thermometer will be connected to a digital temperature reader in your trailer for your convenience. Simple efforts can go a long way to preserve what matters to you in life.

Also, I have continued the process of designing my greenhouse teepee. I have created a base map of the area where it will be built. I have also made rough estimates of the diameter and height. Wayne has reassured me that his neighbor does indeed have extra pine timber of about 15ft tall that I can use, which is extremely good news. Timothy also has told me that several poles of about 12-15ft tall will serve as great support poles to my tri-pod base. The tri-pod base will be from the bigger pine poles and the rest will be of the support poles. I hope to have 10 poles in all. Nine for the structure and one to open and close the vent that I will include for air movement. For the plastic covering, I will research online the different options. I know that American Clay-works in Denver sells greenhouse grade plastic, so that might be a great option. Next week will begin the actual construction and I am very excited.

Thanks for reading,

– Drew Hundelt

Green Construction Intern

Nourish the Planet

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