New ImageIt was another fun week at Mountain Sky Ranch. On Thursday, Timothy, Phil (helpXer), and I worked on installing electrical work on another storage trailer on the property, installed new wooden boards on two trailer hitches, and worked on completing my project. I continued to learn how to use electrical conduit and how to install electrical wiring. Also, I learned how to fix and repair wooden boards for trailers. These skills that I learned I could apply once I start my own farm or ranch venture, which I plan to do in the next two years.

On Friday, I continued to work on my project. My project has been evolving. The evolving nature could be due to the lack of planning from day one or because of new ideas that surface during the building process, or both. Now my project is shifting to a pyramid structure emulating the ancient pyramids of Giza, but on a much smaller scale. This idea of making a greenhouse pyramid after the pyramids of Giza was inspired by someone who had done so in the ‘70s and who had gotten wildly successful results. My pyramid will be 11 ft. tall and 16 ft. wide on all sides. I had previously attempted to erect the New Imageprevious idea of creating a four-legged tipi secured together by a wooden block and ropes. This attempt was not successful and the tipi came out to be too long to manage.

I believe that with a smaller and more compact design, I will have more success. I have my four poles sized and ready to go, but I still need figure out a way to bring them together and secure them at the apex. This upcoming week I plan on finding a solution to that.

The included picture is of the wooden block that I had previously attached all four poles to for my first attempt. This block will be recreated for my pyramid structure.

Thanks for reading,

– Drew Hundelt

Nourish the Planet intern.

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