aquacultureMy third week proved to be a spark plug for my time at Nourish the Planet. Wayne Dorband and I discussed possible independent project ideas that could traject my career in green construction, permaculture, and horticulture. I proposed three ideas. I actually had about 11 ideas in mind, but to accomplish something and put forth the effort, one idea will have to suffice. The three ideas consisted of building a greenhouse teepee, constructing swales as a catalyst for an orchard, and restarting an existing hydroponic or aquaponic system kept in storage.

Wayne was intrigued by all of the ideas but saw the greenhouse teepee as the most practical one right now. We discussed how the swale-orchard design is a good idea, but one that takes a considerable amount of time and hands. And the idea of restarting a system may or may not integrate itself into the teepee greenhouse, if I design it correctly (more on that idea to come). We then went on a walk on his property for a potential design area for the teepee. We discussed contour for water harvesting, natural water access points, unblemished sun cover for the greenhouse, and also which wood we would use to construct this teepee.

This teepee idea came to me while reading articles and books about the indigenous lifestyle of conservation, sustainability, and survival; how life was lived before exploiting resources to support a sedentary lifestyle. This can be viewed as a testament to permaculture, but I see it as getting back to the basics of human ability. Wayne and I have agreed on a location (north entrance of the property adjacent to the spring), and now I have begun to base-map the area and lay the ground for my project design. I am excited for this adventure, because I will not only learn how to build a portable and sustainable source for food and shelter, but I will learn about myself and the human ability to use and give back to the environment around us. I will also be documenting this entire process through these upcoming weeks.

Thanks for reading,

– Drew Hundelt

Nourish the Planet Intern

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