girl-580953_1280 Christmas and the New Year Holidays are all about spending quality time with your friends and family. This time of the year you will want to look your best because you will be invited to parties and also throughout Christmas and New Year’s day, you will have your pictures taken, and shared with your friends and family, not only on your own personal camera and computer, but also on the social media networks for others to see. If the Holidays have caught you by surprise this year, it’s because you have been busy trying to manage your family and make progress in your career and you are seriously busy. However, you do need to look your best during the holidays, and we are going to give you some last minute Holidays beauty tips in this article.

What does looking good mean?

child-577012_1280You might be a good looking person by birth, but to look good for Christmas and the Holidays you need to be a little more than just a good looking person, you also have to dress and groom good for Christmas and the Holidays. If you are single, it might be a good time to get married during the holidays this year, so you never know what might happen in this magical time of the year :). Never the less, you need to look your best and get yourself ready for all occasions.

Looking good means to make yourself appear attractive to others. Create an impression on other so that they will know that you are ready for the occasion. It will require getting ready for the occasion physically and mentally. Groom yourself, get your hair done, take care of your skin, put on some special makeup, find some gorgeous jewelry and dress yourself the best you can for the parties. Also get into the Christmas spirit, it will shine through and also touch others if you have the right attitude.

How to look good

cosmetics-360309_1280To look good for Christmas and the Holidays, you don’t need to be a supermodel. With a little effort, you can look great for the holidays. The key lies in highlighting your features to make your appearance attractive to others effectively. You need to pay attention to your personal features, hygiene and your hair, skin and clothing styles. Below are some tips on how you can look your best.

1. Grooming

To groom yourself is the most important part of getting ready for the Christmas holidays. No matter how busy you are, keeping yourself clean has to be done on a regular basis. Below are several aspects of grooming.

i. Your skin

Wash your face with a gentle facial cleaner at least once a day. Get a good face scrub or make your own scrub from natural ingredients. Exfoliate your skin to get rid of the dead cells. It will make your face look healthy and radiant. Skin of our face can be sensitive to chemicals, and so it is important that you know your skin type. If you have oily skin, you should try to scrub more often and get rid of the oil and dirt. For dry skin, use a mild lotion. Remove all makeup after the party and before you go to bed. If you have acne, you might need to use medication or medicated scrubs. Talk to your dermatologist for that.

ii. Clean yourself

swim-58650_1280Bathe regularly to keep yourself clean during the holidays. Use shower gel and warm water for mild cleaning. Apply a body lotion right after you get out of the shower.

iii. Wash your hair

Your hair needs to be clean before you get into your Christmas outfit. So, shampoo your hair with a good shampoo that doesn’t rob your hair of the natural oils. Use an organic shampoo for best results.

iv. Get rid of unwanted hair

Get rid of your unwanted body hair. Women need to shave their underarms, legs and any place they might have excessive hair. Men also need to shave their unwanted facial hair. Beards and mustaches need to look trimmed and tamed.

v. Dental hygiene

Brush your teeth at least twice a day and preferably after every meal. Use dental floss, and mouthwash before going to bed.

vi. Deodorants and perfumes

Parties, dances and all the fun can make you sweat, so roll on some deodorant on your underarm, use a good fragrance of perfume as well.

2. Hair style

blond-487071_1280Browse through the hairstyle sites and pick a hairstyle that suits you the best. There are popular trends for hair colors, lengths and styles available at online magazines. Looking at online pictures and online fashion magazines will give you an idea of the hottest trends and the hairstyle that will suite you the best. However, keep your hair healthy, logical and clean.

3. Dress for success

Choose clothes that highlight your beauty naturally, not hide it. Highlight your natural features and be comfortable with what you wear. Colors can make you appear taller, thinner, fuller, or any way you want to look. Remember that it’s a happy occasion and you want to spread joy. Choose clothes and colors of your makeup that works well with your body type. Always wear clean cloths. You can find more latest trends and fashion tips online.

4. Attitude

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” A positive attitude, self esteem and your agility will make you look far more attractive than what your clothes and makeup will do for you. Try to stay positive, worry free, and use the right posture for whatever you do, whether you are sitting or standing.

5. Healthy living

gentleman-152768_1280Beauty comes from within. How we live our lives have a profound effect on how we look and feel. Healthy habits and lifestyle will definitely lead us to a healthier, appearance, while bad habits will make us look dull and sick. Sleeping well, eating a healthy balanced diet in combination with healthy habits will make you look healthier and younger from inside.

No matter what kind of  looks you are going for during the holidays, make sure that they are clean, in style and reflect your good taste in fashion. Remember that trends can come and go, but your good health and attitude is what makes you attractive to others.

What does looking good mean to you? Please put down your thoughts in the comment box below. Also, please add your own fashion tips.

Source: Balanced Life Team

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