Blog 1How SolarAid benefited from 2013 Guardian and Observer Christmas appeal | Sustainability |

SolarAid describe how being chosen as one of the four charities for the 2013 Guardian and Observer Christmas appeal helped them reach a larger audience, raise more funds and achieve their target of distributing…

Mama Mia Mantis | Climate | The Earth Timesblog 2

Will global warming bring more butterflies to northern Europe; can more species now live in the Arctic and Antarctic. We have to allow for changing habitat and even habitat preferences, if we are going to face the true character of global warming, drying environments or melting ice.

blog 4Berkeley’s Guilt Trip: Driving Hurts the Planet – The Great Energy Challenge Blog

Leave it to Berkeley, a liberal bastion in northern California that’s taken pioneering steps to tax sugary drinks and ban Styrofoam takeout containers. It’s now moving forward with a novel way to a…

blog 3Poverty Facts and Stats — Global Issues

This part of the web site presents some of the hard hitting facts and statistics on poverty.

blog 5Is the rich/poor gap getting worse? – Sustainability Curriculum & Professional Development | Facing the Future

“We don’t segregate M&Ms, why do we segregate people?” a student from Seattle asks. “What skills did your parents pass down to you?” one Thai student ponders. Who are these compelling interrogators?

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