That’s right we have kind-of moved. CEED and Nourish the Planet have moved our headquarters and Colorado offices from the Warehouse in Loveland to our nearby Mountain Sky Ranch property in the foothills next to Loveland (Berthoud, CO).

We have been working hard on this move for the last month or so and it is finally completed.  We said goodbye to the Warehouse on Friday (Aug. 1, 2014) and now have a new office and workplace up at the Ranch.  We are busy this weekend transferring all the phone and internet service and getting more and more of our “stuff” organized.  We will be working at getting all the kinks worked out for where things are for some time, but we are excited about the new/old dig’s and the future we will have here as we have consolidated our operations.


We would like to heartily thank all of our staff for their patience and work during the move and especially like to thank our interns who took this on with enthusiasm and professionalism.  Moving was not quite in the plans when some of our very cool folks signed on for this experience.

I would like to personally thank a few individuals who were awesome during this process.  First our Technical Supervisor, Justin YBright was the overall leader of our move and he worked patiently and hard to coordinate all the moving.  Interns, Trent, Susan, Paul, and Jonah were with us hard and strong throughout the entire moving process.  They had great attitudes and worked through heat, rain and yes even cold in the Colorado summer!

Finally, much thanks to Deb for being so awesome as my wife, best friend, lover and overall on-site leader of this process. She is such a gem.

Please come and visit us at our new/old CEED and NTP headquarters.  We can take you fishing, hiking, biking, farming, swimming, and much, much more.  This is going to be fun.  The only thing missing is you!  Contact us at 303-495-3705 or for a grand tour at the new CEED and NTP headquarters.

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