650px-Ivanpah_SEGS_(2)The second week at Mountain Sky Ranch has been both eventful and time consuming. I, along with my co-worker Asher, have been delegated to think of a plan to sort the items on the Ranch that do not have a home. This will not be completed overnight, seeing as though this pile of “stuff” reaches almost a half of an acre in volume and it are Dr. Wayne Dorband’s coveted items collected all throughout his professional life. Grouping things together will be an effective solution, as I will be going back and forth from this pile of lost items, recreating old systems and practicing green construction.

Another job was to “winterize” a living trailer on the property. Asher and I used the materials around us to insulate this trailer for the coming winter months. We stacked leftover hay bales two high on the northeast, east, and southeast sides of the trailer. On the west side of the trailer, we created a wall out of the dense native sandstone to cover the exposed undercarriage. Once we stacked the stone, we then thought of creating further insulation by attaching a tarp full of excess hay to the inside of the sandstone wall. By first folding the tarp in half, we then took one long end and secured it between the first and second layer of rock so the tarp extends into and underneath the trailer.

Bloc_de_chanvre_ep_15cmWe then filled the tarp with hay, and took the other long end and secured it between the second-to-last and the last layer of sandstone. Once we finished, we created a double insulating wall with the rock layer on the outside and the hay roll on the inside. If northerly winds think they can penetrate this trailer, they’re wrong. That trailer is now officially winterized.

Next week will be the start of my individual project. Dr. Dorband is giving me time and his materials to create my own project, and I am more than excited to start this. Throughout this week, the concept of this project will be tentative as I discuss it with Wayne and site map the location. I plan to incorporate permaculture principles of harvesting and directing water, creating a meandering flow on contour to a mulched basin for the water to infiltrate. I will plant edible woody plants and fruit trees in and around the basin. Stay tuned, as I will update my project design next week.

– Drew.

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