mountains-455197_1280(1)Driving up the narrow dirt and gravel drive to the Mountain Sky Ranch, I was apprehensive, curious, and excited. I was apprehensive because I was in a completely new part of Colorado, curious because I had never worked on a ranch before, and excited because a unique and amazing animal now surrounded me, the alpaca. Wayne, the Ranch owner, operator, and business owner, approached my car with a timeless introduction, “Hello, we’re the police.” With enough close calls under my belt with the men in blue, I wasn’t scared but relieved that this man had a sense of humor.

Now that I think about it, I firmly believe that he is the police, the police of sustainability. Wayne seizes land (his own) and turns it into a sustainability vortex. The man is an opportunist. From recreating a thriving riparian system, to regenerating grasslands previously over-grazed by the pesky prairie dog with the newly immigrated Alpaca. Nourish the Planet is the sustainable business that I intern for. My official title is as a green construction intern. Although,I will absorb and learn whatever I can during my time on the Mountain Sky Ranch because wherever I look, more sustainable projects are burgeoning.

The ranch and the company that I intern for have yet to reach its sustainable peak. But, that’s what sustainability stands for. Always striving to further mankind with structural systems that will give back more resources than those used to create them. Moving forward, I am most excited to continue working on the aquaponic system on the property, lending a hand with the fishery, and also helping with the greenhouse build.

– Drew


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