environmental blogBest Free Environmental Apps : The Environmental Blog

A hand picked list of our favorite free environmental apps for green minded individuals on the go for iPhones from the iTunes App Store.

environmental 2Solar Power: Disruptive Innovation in the Global Energy Market : The Environmental Blog

Solar Power: Disruptive Innovation in the Global Energy Market – How solar can disrupt the world’s power market today and in the future.

3What’s going to happen to all those glass towers? : TreeHugger

Lloyd Alter talks about glass walls  and radiator fin balconies, and why in fifteen or twenty years there may be a big bill to pay.


whale poopSave the Whales, Save the Poop : Discovery News

It wasn’t long ago that researchers first confirmed that whales contributed to ocean ecology even after death. Need another reason to save the whales? How about this: Their poop feeds the ocean.

Abandoned Oil BarrelsWhat plummeting oil prices mean for renewable energy | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

Lower fossil fuel prices have historically thrashed solar, wind and biomass markets. So why are clean energy companies unconcerned about the current trend?


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