STOCKEight reasons people don’t get involved | Life and style |

The biggest difficulties involved in joining a local group are usually in our own heads – but it’s possible to overcome them, writes John-Paul Flintoff

normal_online_shopping_croppedOnline Commerce: Cutting Energy and Resource Use – But at What Cost? – Blog | SustainAbility

Lindsay Clinton analyzed “physical to virtual” business model innovations that accelerate social & environmental impact.

ice220914Sea ice helps carbon absorption | Climate | The Earth Times

When the sea ice melts, our main concern has been sea-level and loss of habitat as our planet warms. Now we are also losing a valuable carbon dioxide sink, too, according to the latest and most detailed investigation yet.

141003214355-largeMore accurate model for greenhouse gases from peatlands — ScienceDaily

Scientists have created a new model to more accurately describe the greenhouse gases likely to be released from Arctic peatlands as they warm.

EbolaCycle Ebola Outbreak in West Africa — Global Issues

A look at the issues around the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa

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