water tankNew water tank – Adventures in Urban Sustainability – Happy Earth

It’s been dry around here until recently – unusually dry. A couple weekends ago we installed a new 5,000 litre watertank to complement our existing 9,000 litre water tank. What good timing it was as over the last week the heavens have opened!

Moving Toward Sustainable Prosperitygreen trees

Blog for State of the World 2012: Moving Toward Sustainable Prosperity. Visit here for latest updates, book chapters, policy briefs, events, and related news.

Q & A with John Elkington on His New Book, The Breakthrough Challenge – Blog | SustainAbility

Chris Guenther recently caught up with John Elkington about his latest book, The Breakthrough Challenge

Rather than desecrate the Arctic should business mine the moon? | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional

Corporates and governments are joining the race to exploit extraterrestrial resources in the face of dwindling natural capital on Earth

Have Humans Evolved to Manage Megacities? | Sustainable Cities

Ancient cities, like Mohenjodaro in modern-day Pakistan, emerged relatively recently in human history (photo courtesy of Saqib Qayyum used through a Creative Commons license.)​

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