koi-262451_1280Wednesday Justin and I moved the koi from system 1 to their new home. We had no mortalities. I got to play with the alpacas (whom are very nice, by the way) and hold fat Koi in my hand. We relocated a bass to a small pond, cleaned out the trough and added the koi. We weeded the garden area around the trough and I replanted like six huge corn stalks growing from tiny 1” rock wool cubes.

I started Friday by uploading the last month of water, lettuce and micro-green system data for 2014 to google drive. I put all my pictures up on the drive, too, evidence of constant change, if nothing else. They are of the people, fauna and things I have enjoyed while putting in my time here at NTP.

Justin and I moved 165 gallons of bad seed and two dead mice 5 gallons at a time out to the trash. When I was over I had felt like I accomplished something. We filled the dumpster outside with it. I folded and plastic wrapped the system one perch pool after lunch. It’s so sad to see it all go.

The rest of the afternoon went to the micro green trailer I scrubbed down the troughs and drains with a hose and a scrubby pad. It was a wonderful air conditioned wet pleasure in the almost 100 degree heat of today.

Susan Bain

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