factory-building-377580_1920As we’re nearing the end of the month and planning on being moved by August 1st is looking really slim. The POD was supposed to be picked up last week and wasn’t. While we deep cleaned it all last week in a hurry for it to be picked up this week; we ended up using the power washer to remove the thicker layer of algae growth. The power washer ended up leaving small punctures in the rubber liner of the water tanks. So we spent Tuesday coating each hole with an eco-friendly sealant adhesive safe for both humans and fish. Thursday we ended up testing the adhesive to see if it worked by filling up the tanks. If it didn’t work we would have to re-line both tanks so that it was the way it was before for the new customer.

These things happen in the workplace; people make mistakes and that’s why these things are good for us to experience. The last minute decisions that can either help or hurt you. Since we’re halfway through the month still with a lot of moving to do; there will be last minute decisions made to achieve the move. But the decisions made need to be as a group collectively agreeing on a common goal and it goes for at the ranch too when we are all finally moved up there. We’ll be constructing a lot of things from scratch so coming together collectively will help us achieve down the road.

Trenton Lussenhop – 7.14.2014

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