Recently, our main focus has been to address some of the global issues such as extreme poverty and hunger around the world, as well as economic and sustainability issues. There are numerous organizations in the United States, working towards the ambitions goal of boosting economy and income of the lower income population in the United States and in other countries. One such organization that we will focus on today is IEDC or The International Economic Development Council. IEDC is a non-profit membership organization, serving the economic development profession from public to private.

IEDC mainly helps the economic developers to do their jobs more efficiently. They help their members to boost economy and generally improve the quality of life in their area by creating more high-quality jobs, and by creating more vibrant communities.

Creating a Clean Energy Economy

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Finding a clean source of energy to replace the fossils is just as important for the environmentalists as it is for economists. “What does clean technology mean for economic development?” IEDC has applied this question to three sectors for cleaner technology and environment. These are net-zero energy homes, zero emission electric vehicles, and producing energy through offshore wind. Their clean energy projects are funded through a grant from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

Clean energy sectors are promising sectors in the United States for creating new jobs and boosting the economy, while reducing global impacts and generating revenues through industry growth to communities.

Clean energy has become an important national as well as global priority. IEDC is also dedicated to providing useful information on how to support and develop renewable energy industries to the economic development communities efficiently.

“Many states have proactively generated policies with the goal of launching a viable and ultimately competitive renewable energy industry.”

IEDC Green initiative Greensburg, Kansas, – a case study

Ilus_DavisGreenburg, Kansas is an example of sustainable projects can transform a community in the new economy. The story of Greensburg sets an example on how sustainable investment opportunities can derive from smart strategic decisions.

Greensburg is a city located in Kiowa County, Kansas. The city was founded in 1886 along the railroads, and many of the buildings on Main Street were historic, designed in the 19th century. In May 2007, 97% of the city was destroyed by an EF5 tornado.

“The Greensburg Green Town is a grassroots community-based non-profit organization that has worked side-by-side with city and county officials, business owners, and local residents to incorporate sustainable principles into their rebuilding process”

How Kansas became a model town

  • After the storm, the community came together and decided to rebuild the city in sustainable manner
  • The landmark commitment was then made to turn Greensburg into “Green Town”
  • After the tornado, a resolution was passed by the city council which required all city buildings to be build to LEED-platinum standards. photo-3They were the first city to do so in the United States.
  • The tornado gave an opportunity for Greensburg to become open to experimentations, making it a living laboratory.”
  • They have also developed a local eco-tourism industry, allowing visitors to witness, observe and learn directly about Green Initiatives and the sustainable building techniques, materials and practices in action.
  • Greensburg has become a showcase for the rest of the American cities, setting an example of how sustainable green technology can be implemented successfully
  • Greensburg is also advancing its plans for renewable energy sources. It has plans for wind, solar, methane, natural gas as well as bio-fuel energy generating projects.

We are excited to have as our next Huddle guest, Jeff Finkle on the coming Wednesday, August 20. As Executive Director of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), Jeff Finkle is a recognized leader and authority on economic development. Please Watch The Replay of the Huddle Hangout with Jeff Finkle   Enjoy  the webinar! 


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