Young Lettuce Plants In Our Modular SystemThis was one of my favorite and most enjoyable weeks so far. It was great because I actually got to learn something growing-related. We learned how to “seed”, or germinate, this morning. I learned that we first soak the barley grains in water and adding just a touch of bleach to disinfect the grains and kill any molds that might be present. Then we let the seeds soak in the water for at least an hour. After soaking we spread the seeds evenly onto trays. These seed trays are placed into a used shipping container that is outfitted with shelves, tubing, lights and air conditioning. There is a timer that is set to water the grains throughout the day so that the seeds stay moist. After 8 days the barley grains will have matured into barley grass, which is a healthy and nutritious feed for alpacas, cows and other farm animals. It’s great because this shipping container has been re-purposed as a place for germinating seeds and growing grass after it has served its original purpose of holding cargo.

We also did a good amount of moving so I got to see the ranch for the first time. We needed to move some of the fish (perch) from one of the aquaponics pools to the ranch. We loaded the perch into barrels and transported them by truck and placing them into a large pond on the property. Moving the perch was fun and challenging and definitely good hands-on experience. I’m hoping that they like their new home. It’s a nice pond, and I’m sure they will.

Paul Falsone – 7.15.2014

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