The Green 18: Quick and Easy Tips for Living Green Every Day

Living green doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s the little things we do each day that add up to make a significant green impact over time. Many people just want to know what they can do to live green.

Sustainable blog of the week: Westywrites | Life and style | The Guardian

The anonymous blogger on how a greener lifestyle is always worth striving for, even if you don’t fully succeed

Federal Agencies Directed to Take Action in Response to Iceland’s International Trade in Whale Meat and Products | Green Living Guy

The President has notified Congress of actions he directed federal departments and agencies to take to encourage Iceland to cease international trade in whale meat and products. The President’s instructions come in response to a certification issued by Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell that Iceland’s international trade in whale meat and products is diminishing…

Reduce Footprints: Vegan Recipe & Cookbook Review – Raw Lime Parfait from The HappyCow Cookbook (#HappyCowRoadTrip)

Easy ways for each of us to reduce our footprint on the earth

Learn How to Eat Well on Just $35 a Week

Food tends to be one of our biggest budget items, but even with a limited income you can still eat well. Software developer (and avid runner) Erik August Johnson is sharing his $35 a week food experiment to show us how to frugally shop and eat.

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