corn-65304_1280This past week we harvested our 8 day micro-greens which were Barley. Compared to the wheat grass we used previously barley had worked out amazingly well. When you use new seed it’s always a question whether it’ll work out well or not. We used about 2.5 pounds per tray equaling out to around 13-16 pounds at the end of the 8 day growing cycle. Previously with the wheat grass we were yielding around 12-14 pounds per tray and having a serious mold problem, which is why we decided on trying a new seed. Although we haven’t seen any significant mold problem as before, we did seem to find a lack of seed growth in the lower rows due to lack of water.

Wayne and I noticed this on Friday the Fourth that about ten of the trays had lack of seed growth in the back either from the misters not spraying or the tray just being too far back to access a sufficient amount of water which is needed. The micro-greens container we used is off to Iowa now though;which means the first one built is about to be used up at the ranch. This system for the most part is the same just a few differences like gutters and different trays. I’m interested to see the comparison of the two and the differences they have when we harvest our next batch of barley, since I have never worked with that one before.

Trenton Lussenhop

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