ranch_16This past week was spent plotting ideas for the ranch where we will be relocating the business. Wayne and Deb have some acreage up near Carter Lake where they live and are looking to make great use of it by moving Nourish The Planet up there. On the hill side they live on holds some of the rarest flagstone rock, which is why they developed several quarries on their property.

With having so much room from the main quarry site, it gives us the opportunity to work with a lot of space once everything is moved and organized up there. The plan is to develop pallet buildings no larger than 8 by 12 feet due to permits. Believe me when I say we’re not short on any pallets and can build several buildings for workspace to get things done. Along with the pallet buildings, we’ll have 2-3 containers for PODs, micro-greens, or even a tool shed. I’ve always enjoyed constructing things and that is why I’m looking forward to getting this moving over with so that we can start developing the new Nourish The Planet which will represent the true meaning of being sustainable. With a lot of teamwork and help from everyone, this transition can run smoothly and efficiently in the short amount of time we have.

 – Trent Lussenhop 7/2/14

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