Hi everyone. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the readers and well wishers of  Nourish the Planet. My name is Mamunur Rahman Kazi, but most of you know me by my alias “Mark,” which I adopted because no one could pronounce my name correctly when I was studying in the United States. I am currently a Virtual Assistant for Dorband& Associates, gathering and sharing knowledge about the environment, agriculture, and some valuable life transforming knowledge which I share with my readers to help them transform their own lives.

640px-Civil_Engineering_Building_of_BUET_seen_from_EME_BuildingI have been writing blogs for Environmental professionals Network, Balanced Life Team, Sustainable Livestock Nutrition, and WorldWide Aquaculture for about a year. These are the websites of the partner companies of Dorband & Associates, located at Loveland, in the state of Colorado. My journey as a writer for the environmental industry began about a year ago, when I was hired by Dr. Wayne Dorband, as a virtual assistant for his company. I have been wiring blogs for his sites ever since, and have been enjoying my work in spreading awareness about the environment and sustainable agriculture.

I am originally from Bangladesh, a small South Asian country, bordering India and Burma. I was born on 23rd May, 1971. The year 1971 is a special year in the history of Bangladesh because we got our independence during that time from Pakistan. I was born during the war of liberation, when our country was going through some severe unstable conditions.

Dhaka2I got my primary education form our local government run schools, and got my secondary and higher secondary education from missionary schools run by American missionary organizations in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I chose to study English as I was always attracted to American culture since my childhood. I always dreamed about studying in an American university since my childhood.

My journey to the USA

I got opportunity to study in an America University in 1994. After finishing my Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC), which is equivalent to 12th grade, I got admitted to Fairmont State Universityto study Electrical and Electronic Engineering. This is when a very different episode in my life began. I was far away from home, didn’t know anyone on my campus, and I could barely speak English.

FairmontstateI immediately noticed the difference in culture, when I arrived at the university campus in West Virginia. The student body, faculty, and student advisors were all very helpful. It didn’t take me too long to make friends quickly on campus. I still remember some of the faces, especially Brad, who became my roommate.

Fairmont was a small university town, with very few people living there; the town became almost empty when school was over and people left town for the summer. There were very few international students at that time, when I attended classes there, and I got plenty of attention from curious students and teachers when I arrived there.

The first thing that caught my attention at the classrooms was the way classes were taught in America. The teachers were very different than what I was used to in my country. During my first semester, I was amazed by the teaching methods. The first few classes that I attended immediately made an impact on me because the classes were more like conversations, rather 640px-Teamsolvingpuzzlethan the way I was used to in my country, which was mostly memorizing from text books. In university classes, some teachers would show us movies, and have questions from them on the test. Our speech and communication teacher often made us go to the library for research, preparing speeches, and group study sessions.

At the time when I was attending classes and living in the university dorm, I noticed that people had respect for other people’s stuff. Because the town was a university town and the population was mostly students, the crime rate was very low.

Even though I was a student, I also had to work part-time because of my financial needs, as many of the students did.I also got involved in many of the activities, such as intramural activities, where I worked for the school basketball team, keeping score, and doing errands for the team. I enjoyed both, the athletics of the school very much. There were times where I would go to parties and stay up late, which are very natural parts of student life, but I realized quickly that it would hurt my studies and grades.

pearl-harbor-80678_1280The other thing I was getting used to was the American food. I became fond of barbeque parties, ball games, and occasionally went on fishing trips with my friends. My first Fourth of July party in America was an amazing experience for me; I had never seen fireworks of that degree and intensity before in my life.

My main goal to attend an American university was to get a degree that would be valid in any part of the world, but the social side of the university life is what made my college days memorable. Learning to fit into a group and culture and learning social skills are equally important in a person’s life when developing personality. The important lessons in life are often learned though life experiences.

Besides electronics, I was also fascinated with computers. After I came back from the United States in 2005, I took a course in Computer Science, where I learned about computer hardware, programming, and graphic design.

My passion for the environment

Europa-Institut_graduationEver since I started working for Dorband & Associates, I had this great opportunity to learn about environmental science and sharing my passion for the world that we live in. During the past several months, I was able to gather a considerable amount of knowledge on sustainability and environmental science. Topics like reusable energy sources, conservation of natural resources, climatic changes, and global warming, which are becoming major concerns for scientists around the world.

The thing about environmental studies and sustainability that I like most is that it is not only a theory, but also a concern for each one of us in our daily course of life. We all use up energy and resources as we live, and add carbon in the atmosphere, not realizing how we are impacting the globe and changing climatic patterns. Sustainability can be practiced every day in everything we do. The moment we get up and get ready for work we can do little things like turning off the faucet when we brush our teeth, or taking public transportation to work or school, instead of driving.It’s the little sun-314340_640things that we all can do very easily, and have a big impact on the globe to conserve the resources and reduce our carbon footprints. The issues that we face today are so critical, that we must all take part and do our share in order to promote sustainability, so that when we leave this world, it will be good enough for the next generation to survive.

I’m passionate about conveying this message and increasing awareness among readers who share the same passion. We are all able to contribute in the battle to save the planet and make the world a better place.

In order to reveal to my readers the true  picture of third world nations and the economic and environmental issues faced by the third world population, I will be writing more blogs from my perspective about the environmental and the economic concerns of the third world nations.


–          Mamunur Rahman Kazi (NTP/CEED staff)

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