fish-kayak-mogollonrim-240137-hThere are fewer systems to test every time I come in here. I fed the fish but the Plantae have been removed from the majority of the Piscean systems so all the water is cloudy. The brand of fish food we are using also changed so fish do not have to come to the surface to acquire it. Observation of activity level has become difficult. I’ve spent the week diving into plant ID, phylogeny and practical growing. I’d like to do a home system and have been interviewing as many people as I can who work or play in horticulture.  At every turn, the more I learn the more I realize how much there is to know, I feel overwhelmed.

Before my time here is through I’d love to organize a company picnic. I would love to spend the day at Lakeside Amusement Park, as an organization, playing together while we still have the opportunity to do so. I’d love for every intern to get a NTP T-shirt, too. I wonder in whose pot I’d have to plant that seed.

Friday was all about the move. I filled boxes. I found all kinds of treasures hiding in caches all over the warehouse. I feel apprehensive about packing someone else’s things but I easily packed 10x my weight in boxes and stacked them neatly with the others. A friend of mine is a grower in Denver and he would really like to tour our facility but there really isn’t all that much left to see and I’m afraid my internship will be over before we are set up in the new place.

Susan Bain – Inter Blog #10 / 6.24.2014

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