640px-Ontario_farmI guess I may have inadvertently started my internship at an inopportune time. The company is in the process of moving. Everything in the warehouse must be packed up and moved to its new home; the owner’s ranch in Berthoud. I must admit that I was a little bit frustrated and disappointed when I found out that I wouldn’t be working much with the micro greens and aquaponics systems this week and potentially in the near future depending on the timeline and priorities for the move.

Monday was definitely an interesting day. We spent most of the day moving a fork lift off of a trailer into the loading dock of the warehouse. It was extremely heavy and kept falling through the boards of the trailer. It was a very difficult task it required a good deal of problem solving, teamwork and resourcefulness. We were finally able to get it into the warehouse by the beginning of the next day (definitely a valuable hands-on learning experience). Once this was accomplished we continued to break down, organize and then pack all the various systems and items that were ready to go out to the ranch. There are supposed to be several pallet structures being built and shipping containers delivered at the Ranch to house everything and to provide a work space. I’m excited to see how these used resources will be upcycled into new and useful structures. I haven’t been out to the Ranch yet but I’m curious to get up there and see what it is like and how everything will fit together.

I continue to ask as many questions as I can about aquaponics, hydroponics and agriculture; soaking up as much as I can until we start to actually work with these different aspects of the business.

Paul Falsone – 7.8.2014

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