emily 7-1Hello everyone! My name is Paul Falsone and I’m a new Sustainable Agriculture Intern at Nourish the Planet. I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Sustainability from Arizona State University; the Sustainability program at ASU is the first of its kind and the premier Sustainability school in the country. Some interests that I’m most passionate about are sustainable design, urban planning, waste management, sustainable food and farming, habitat preservation, ecosystems, and renewable energy. I recently moved to the Front Range area and couldn’t be more excited. The weather is amazing, there is beautiful nature everywhere, and this area is really a leader in sustainability thinking, practices, and innovation. I have lived in Colorado several times before but never on the East side of the Rockies J.

Getting the internship at Nourish the Planet was incredibly satisfying and was a main factor when deciding to move to Colorado. Since I already have my degree, I do not need this internship for credit or to help me graduate. My goal while interning is to learn as much as possible about sustainable agriculture, sustainable ecosystems, hydroponics, and aquaponics all while contributing my skills and knowledge as well as developing relationships and connecting with people within the organization and also throughout the community. Some interests that I’m most passionate about are sustainable design, urban Planning, waste management, sustainable food and farming, and renewable energy. Regardless of what or how much I learn, I know that this will give me good hands on experience and prepare me for the next stage of my professional life. I’m excited and curious to get started and find out exactly what I’ll be learning and doing while I’m with Nourish the Planet.

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