Stephen Ohl 4.12This week at Nourish the Planet we’ve been busy finishing up organizing and moving from the warehouse by transporting boxes, equipment and releasing fish up at the ranch. Each day this week started with harvesting the barley fodder from our micro green units in the morning and sanitizing the micro green trays for later use. The rest of our time was spent capturing and transporting goldfish or in our aquaponic pods where we harvested 4 lbs. of lettuce (which was growing in only a small portion of the pod’s space) and scrubbed and sanitized it so that it would be able to cross the border into Canada.

In our micro green pod we have the ability to harvest around 900 lbs. of barley fodder per day. This has great potential to become reliable animal feed for livestock owners because of its high nutritional value and it being easier on livestock’s digestive systems compared to grains that are commonly fed to animals such as corn and soybean meal.

Justin and I caught all of the 1300+ goldfish in one of our aquaponic pool systems. We had to be creative in catching the elusive little guys so we drained most of the pool, set up barriers, and then herded the fish into a corner and scooped them with our nets. It must have been traumatic for the fish to be caught and transported into a big barrel where they sloshed around in the back of a pickup truck going down a dirt road. However they are in a much more natural pond environment now so they will be able to swim out the rest of their lives peacefully.

Prepping the pod was the toughest job of this week. There has to be absolutely no organic matter and must be completely sanitized to cross through the border onto Canadian soil. Justin and all of the other interns and me spent most of our days scrubbing resilient algae off of the rubber water walls, and using the shop vac to suck up all the sediment from the floors and tubes of the pod.

This week was very productive in terms of prepping and moving equipment to the ranch. I’m looking forward to completing the move and setting up Nourish the Planet at our new location to resume our research and experiments!

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