lettuceThis week at Nourish the Planet we have made significant progress in our move. The warehouse looks barren compared to when I first arrived here in June and our equipment and possessions are beginning to align themselves nicely at our new location. The move should be complete within a week or so and then we will finally be able to focus on new ideas, experiments and research at the new location. This week, in addition to moving, I finished my plans and blueprints for my worm-composting bin and plan on assembling it within the next week at our new location.

After a couple weeks of loading pallets and trailers; I am excited to begin to assemble and start working on various aquaponics systems while expanding my mind on their potential applications. The variety of systems in addition to aquaponics organic and productive potential is both astounding and exciting to me. So having the opportunity to work with them first hand will be an invigorating and educational experience that I am very grateful for. Nourish the Planet has an amazing amount of resources and there are many great minds that work here to bounce ideas off so I am excited for my last weeks ahead. I am ecstatic to begin developing and experimenting with different types of sustainable agriculture systems so that we increase our chances of nourishing both the people and way of life on our beautiful Earth.

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