jonahThis is the end of my 5th week at NTP. This week I got to go up to the ranch. I got to see all of the Alpacas and loads of raw materials that we could make projects out of. There are tons of pallets at the ranch so we organized them a bit more. There are a lot of possibilities for projects I might want to do at the ranch. It would be really cool to build that greenhouse out of old windows.

As for my IBC system, I’ve mainly been working on cycling it, so I added some fish food to it to get ammonia. I’ve definitely seen a nitrite spike so that means it’s getting its cycle going. I have a feeling that it will have fully established bacteria by next Thursday.

jonah2This is a picture of the inside of the IBC. I was both adding ammonia in the form of fish food and checking to see how the Solids Lift Overflow works. The SLO seems to be working fine but I have to manually get the swirling motion at the bottom of the tank to get it to suck up the fish food.

My automated water-testing project is also coming along at home. I bought 1 regular stepper motor, 1 linear stepper motor, 1 white LED, 1 tri-color sensor and 3 photo interrupters. I’m ready to start building the first one and see how it does. The following picture is my 3d model of the linear stepper I bought:



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