jonahThis is the end of my 4th week at NTP. I got the entire plumbing cut and connected together for the IBC system. I washed out the IBC and the 2 barrels I’ll be using as the bio filter/sump. I filled it up mostly with water from the perch pool. Here’s a picture of me standing next to it, nearly completed:

While I was working on the return line for the fish tank, Wayne Dorband came over and suggested I use a Solid Lifting Overflow in the fish tank to reduce the amount of buildup. I never knew what an SLO was so I looked into it and it’s a great way to absorb water from the center of the tank while keeping the tank at the same height. As with all the other plumbing sections for this project, I scrounged around the warehouse and made the SLO pipe from spare PVC parts.

I designed my system to have plenty of options for turning parts on and off with ball valves. It will be easy to expand out to a secondary plant bed; turn off water to the plants, turn off water to the fish, turn off the return line, etc. All I have left to do is put the glued pipes back together and get the bacteria up and running.

As for my automated water testing project I made a small proof-of-concept prototype in my basement:

It doesn’t have any leaks which is what I was testing to make sure it’s a viable idea. Now that I know it won’t leak I’m going to start working on a much more detailed prototype.

Jonah Eskin – 6-24-2014 / Blog #4

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