Jonah 6This is the end of my 6th week at NTP. I scrubbed the micro greens trays with Nicole on Saturday, other than that all I’ve done in the warehouse is test the water in my IBC system (still high in nitrite) and do a couple of troubleshooting things with it. I also signed up the system to compete for the most unique aquaponics system at the aquaponics festival in Longmont this August.

What I’ve been working most on is my automated water testing project. I have the custom syringe and plunger made and has been working on connecting up the electronic components. I’m using an Arduino teensy to control the stepper motors and interact with the color sensors. This is a picture of the breadboard:

jonah 7The actual arduino coding is going okay, but it has been a challenge to connect the color sensor to the Arduino. The stepper motors work fine, though. Here’s a picture of the custom syringe I made:

It was a long process to make it, because I had to lathe out the middle plunger piece as well as the end cap of the plunger. I’m fairly confident I’ll be able to get a good seal. Hopefully I’ll have a completed, working prototype by the end of this month.


Jonah Eskin – 7.8.2014

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