microgreenThis week Nourish the Planet has consisted of more moving and much of it has been suitable for the show dirty jobs!

Each day started with harvesting our barley fodder out of our hydroponic fodder system (micro greens) pod. We completed our final harvest on Tuesday and now we will begin cleaning that pod and prepping it for the move. On the topic of our hydroponic fodder systems; Dr. Wayne Dorband has given me a research project this week that I’ve just begun. I have begun researching and compiling information on all the hydroponic fodder companies I can find. I am also researching and compiling articles and forum websites where hydroponic fodder is discussed. This will be an ongoing research project for me.

One of the biggest projects of this week was draining the pool where the goldfish previously were. This was not as fun as catching all the goldfish and consisted of wading ankle deep in the concentrated fish water in addition to crawling under the (above ground) pool to place barrel barriers that channeled the water towards the pool drain hole, a job that would’ve made Mike Rowe proud!

Next week we will begin setting up the Nourish the Planet center at our new location. I hope to have started a walipini greenhouse and have a few aquaponic systems set up by the time I have completed my internship. I am also in the finishing stages of my ideas and experiment write up so I am planning on completing that so I can begin discussing and working on them with the rest of the NTP interns and staff!

Joe Barrett –7.13.2014

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