ocean-life-215133_1280Hi, I’m Joe Barrett and I began my internship on June 18th so this past week was my first complete week at Nourish the Planet. First, a little background information about myself. I was born and raised in Connecticut and am about to enter my senior year at the University of Connecticut where I plan to graduate in the spring with a B.S in Biological Sciences and a minor in Evolutionary and Ecology Biology.

I have been interested in biology and science ever since I first saw a baking soda and vinegar volcano experiment in elementary school. However, my interests started to lean away from sciences like chemistry and more towards the incredibly complex yet balanced systems of nature. Today my main interests include ecology, botany, ethnobotany, sustainability, and agriculture. Over the past year I’ve watched my interest and awareness of our current agriculture system expand as I’ve realized the extent of how unsustainable our farming practices are. We use massive amounts of potentially harmful pesticides,excess fertilizers run off into rivers and eventually cause massive dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Erie, and our soil is eroding at a much faster rate than it is being created. With endless problems attributed to our agriculture, I believe it’s time for a change. I believe as a society we need to become more aware of our actions and their consequences while farmers and landowners strive to become true stewards of the land by working with nature to minimize our impact while maximizing the land’s efficiency using sustainable practices such as those prominent in permaculture.

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