Hope2This was an eventful week at Nourish the Planet. From being a guest on the biweekly webinar to hiring my first job on Fiverr, every day was an exciting and new learning experience. One of the things I am most impressed with is the quality of the product and service we received for our two orders on Fiverr. Five dollars went a very long way on the website especially for the infographic; the artist took our very vague sketch and turned it into a clear and aesthetically pleasing infographic and all in under twenty four hours.

She even offered to make changes, although we only had a few minor details we wanted fixed. All in all, it was a very empowering experience and saved us what would have been hours of work.

In addition the progress on the website is going very well. I am learning a tremendous amount about designing and building websites. WordPress is surprisingly customizable and Serena and I have really used this to our advantage and crafting a site that we hope is simple, clean, elegant and above all accessible. One thing I’ve discovered from looking at other sites is that presentation is key. Simple things like the size, length, and font can make the difference between somebody reading your message or not. A great majority of my time is spent working and reworking the information we are putting on the website to make it as effective as possible. While writing is probably the easiest way to transmit our message we’ve made sure to utilize other mediums such as our Fiverr bought infographic and images from Nourish the Planet.

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