I just found out that my proof of concept tank (System #11) is having additional issues and that a water change had to be done because the DO2 levels continue to drop.  The bio-filter is not one of my designs so another will be designed by me this time and I’m thinking that bacteria needs to be decreased in the system. I haven’t been treating it like a full functioning system. So I’m going to make a few changes that I know will work but aren’t SOP for NTP.

drip-351619_1280The pH is sustaining but the DO2 is still extremely low and now the fish are very inactive. The water change that was done today is unlikely to fix the under lining issues. We need the proper tests to be able to test these systems right. Everything that I have access to test with are so old that figuring the half-lives of my chemicals is going to be a painful waste of time but doable.

I don’t know what the NH4+, NO2- and NO3- levels are but there are simple ways to extract and manage these levels. System #11 is a closed system so I can do what I need to stabilize it and start again. My main argument is that tap H20 is being used and with all the ions and heavy metals that are fine for you and I are not good for these systems even with the system used for de-chlorination isn’t going to remove the heavy metals and it’s my thought that all systems are suffering from heavy metals.

Distilled H2O is best for these systems. Removing the human aspect may help greatly and isn’t a difficult task to do.  Immediately followed by proper testing we should see a difference in the system’s condition.  A BOD test on each system could tell us a lot about what’s going on in the systems. The only problem is no one is trained in how to do this test but me so I’ll have to figure out a way to complete it every 5 days. I don’t think we even have the meter to test it but there are ways around that issue. Just a bit more work, can’t have technology doing everything for us.

Wendy Chapman 6.2.14

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