trentAquaponics is the future of growing sustainable and reliable food systems within your household. There are several benefits to using Aquaponic systems that can help you grow fresh produce without leaving a carbon footprint on the ecosystem. Instead of you over-watering thirsty soils in your garden, Aquaponics recycles water throughout the system only losing water to evaporation. Aquaponics in general is 90% more water efficient than soil farming. The nutrients provided from the fish waste eliminate the need for soil and chemical fertilizers making things easier on you.

This technique helps solve the growing dilemma of soil erosion and degradation. Aquaponics helps provide plants with moisture and nutrients that get delivered straight to the roots of the plant creating faster growth rates and better yields while re-using all the waste products of the system. Aquaponics is awesome for almost any application and can work at any scale.

Aquaponic systems can be built both inside and outside depending on your climate conditions for the area you’re in. Our environment at Nourish the Planet is simple using a warehouse with plenty of space to grow using several different systems that interns have created. Our micro-greens and POD systems are truly unique in how we use shipping containers to grow fresh produce for either animal feed or human consumption. Using these containers shows how easy yet complicated Aquaponics can be in developing systems but with the right planning and techniques anything can be down to grow sustainably.

Trent Lussenhop

Blog #3 – 6/17/2014

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