hydroponicsAs I go into my second week here I found a vast amount of opportunities given to myself and other interns as we serve our time. All of the resources available to us here gives us a chance in developing something extremely helpful and sustainable for Nourish the Planet. Since we are leaving the warehouse soon things need to be organized and ready to move. All of the plants being grown off of the runoff from AQ1 are getting to their maximum levels of length with that PVC plastic cup system. So I decided to transplant some of those vegetables outside to my parent’s garden that hasn’t been used in years.

I came home and churned the soil in it previously along with adding a bag of fresh top soil, making it a rich soil in nutrients. I brought home a variety of things like: carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, brussel sprouts, bock choy and spearmint. I planted these Friday before all of the moisture this weekend. Although the temperatures have been cooler especially at night the transplant from the plastic cup into the soil created a lot of stress on the roots and stems of the plants. I will make sure to keep everyone posted on how this project prevails hopefully with fresh vegetables to eat.

Trent Lussenhop Blog #2

Nourish the Planet – 6.9.2014

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