greenA brief overview of my life is that I was born and raised in the city of Loveland and grew up here my whole life. Growing up in Colorado my whole life has made me appreciate Mother Nature that much more, which is why I decided on studying the environment and how it functions. I graduated from Loveland High School in 2010 and decided on playing baseball at junior college in Kansas. After two years of playing baseball it was hard to give up especially when I wanted to continue my career. But Colorado was calling my name to finish school, so I had to come back and live in Denver and attend Metro State University.

The Earth and Atmospheric Science Department at Metro offered this new degree that seemed intriguing to me in Land Use with an emphasis in Natural Resources. I will be graduating next spring and cannot be happier with the opportunity and experience I get with doing my internship here at Nourish the Planet. I believe in educating people locally to be sustainable along with being “earth friendly” and that can be done if people begin being aware of the scarcity that is slowly arising around us. I’m really excited for this internship and look forward to meeting the Nourish the Planet team.

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