workstation-336369_1280I converted all the data this week from Excel to Gmail so that it could be shared seamlessly between scientists. It was easier than I thought it would be but I had never used the software before. Josh was a doll and walked me through everything I didn’t understand.

I tried to goldfish capture for the new system 11. It was the first time in my life I have ever tried to net fish in a pool, and it was in no way as easy as I thought it should have been. Fish scatter like insects when the net approaches them. I only caught one, myself. Hayden caught a half dozen in the same amount of time. He was amazing.

The bluegill was safely transplanted to his own tank after suffering a fin injury from the pacu (we assume). The web says we should take him out and rub ointment on his booboo twice a day to prevent bacterial infection. I’m not sure that is possible with the intern schedule. The fish already looks happier and is using more area in this tank than he did amongst the other, more aggressive fish.I love the people around here. I love the random science conversations we have and all the minds at my disposal. I love that everyone here come stocked with very different but complimenting credentials.

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