drip-351619_1280This week NTP is undergoing some changes. I am not particularly good at change so this will give me the opportunity to hone that skill. Water testing has been brought to a minimum but I completed it and updated all the system data for the year on Excel. Later I will upload to the drive so that everyone can access it. It looks like we’re moving. Justin said he’d like to put each of us in charge of something to make the move easier. My job, of course, will be overseeing the fish to their new destinations. I’m looking forward to it. I helped disassemble lettuce that didn’t make it.

Friday the highlight of my day was capturing the Pacu in a teeny goldfish net for transport. All the system 3 animals have been successfully moved. The blue gill is now all by herself in system 2. She looks a little nervous. We scrubbed the micro green trailer until it got so hot out it became intolerable. Water testing is down to a minimum and it worries me that fish feed is no longer being notated. I feed them every time I come in but I’m going by the word of others that they have been fed on previous days.

Susan Bain / Intern Blog #9 / 6.17.2014

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