fish tankWednesday after doing the normal water testing we took down the tower. The pump apparently quit working and all the plants in it are gone. We took it down and cleaned it. System 11 has a way low dissolved o2 level. The fish in it should be dead. They are inactive and lethargic. Data shows one death this week. I guess aquarium salt had been added to the tank; ammonia spiked and there was a slight increase in dissolved o2, but the goldfish require a PH around 5. We added diluted H2o2 to the tank and expect to see crazy water test results for the next couple ofdays. I completed the “You are halfway done with your internship” survey this week. It really depressed me to read the words halfway done. I don’t even know what date I started or how to add this experience to a résumé.

Friday Wendy and I performed all the water testing and fish feeding as usual and then worked on issues around the warehouse. Hayden suggested something to me that was so elegantly simple it hit me like an epiphany. AQ1 has a graph-paper patterned liner. If we could corral all the fish into one area of the tank and photograph them, measure the pattern and assume random and equal distribution, we could physically count the number of individuals in a marked area from the photograph, doing the math to extrapolate the number of animals in the system. Not a single animal would be stressed in the process. Brilliant!

Susan Bain  6.10.14

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