My second week at Nourish the Planet has definitely given me a greater sense of direction in terms of what I hope to accomplish during my time as an intern here and I’m feeling great about it.

hydroponicsSome tasks I worked on led me to research hydroponic operations around the world and I was amazed by what I read. I found everything from family-owned and run hydroponic tomato farms in the Northeast to pages for companies with tens and thousands of acres of greenhouses in different places! The world of sustainable production is even bigger than I thought and I found this pretty exciting.

Jason and I also started laying out the framework for our project, something else I’m excited about. We hope to create a web presence for the HOPE (Helping Other People Ecolonomically) aspect of CEED. We were particularly inspired by what has been accomplished in places like Mexico, Ukraine and Swaziland with the influence of CEED and want to do anything we can to get people interested in ways to help others learn to feed themselves sustainably! In the process I hope to learn what I can about web design—a useful skill in this day and age

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