Life Directions for Teens and Adults

FREE Empowering Techniques for Adults, Young and Old. This is a one-hour talk for adults and parents on how they can help themselves, and their teen and young adult children, create sustainable, position…

 Greater Denver Urban Homesteading Group (Denver, CO)

This is a place to meet other locals interested in Urban Homesteading and simple living skills like gardening, food preservation, caring for livestock, wilderness survival, alternative energy, edible…

 Colorado Earth Activists (Denver, CO)

We are interested in peak oil, climate change, veganism, animal rights, energy issues, environmental issues, human rights, sustainable living, and sustainable food. This group is for people with a …

Wilderness Awareness And Survival Skills in Denver (Denver, CO)

“My goal for this group is to help people understand and find relationships with nature. I like to teach how to build habits of awareness that reveal the complex relationships of our environment.”

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